Anguish Language, Bad Feelings, Black Box book launches, poetry reading, T-Chances, London

7th July 2016


Cesura//Acceso, Cafe Oto, London

12th June 2016


Social Factories and Soft Machines: Experiments in Expanded Cinema, A series of screenings, performances and talks, Mindpirates Projektraum, Berlin

20th March 2015 - 9th Septemeber 2015

The Devils



Spring Breakers

Social Factory

Tectonics Festival 2013, BBC Scotland, Fruit Market Gallery, Glasgow, with Usurper and guests

11th May 2013

Photo by Alex Woodward


At.tension Festival, Germany

31st August 2013 - 8th September 2013


Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria

18th July 2013 - 20th July 2013


Radiant - collaboration of international artists performance installation

January 2013, Berlin


Neu! Reekie! #19

Friday 27th July 2012

Neu Reekie 19

DoleKult Cinema

Neu! Reekie! #19

Mick Jagger Hates You (2011) by Sacha Kahir

Part of Smile at the Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh

Smile at the Embassy Gallery Smile at the Embassy Gallery Smile at the Embassy Gallery

Shown during the Edinburgh festival, Mick Jagger Hates You (2011) by Sacha Kahir is a video installation, which attempted to deconstruct the phallocentric and phonocentric nature of Mick Jagger.

The Process

27th January 2011, 13:00-14:30
Scottish Parliament

The Process at the Scottish Parliament

Neu! Reekie!

7:00PM Friday, January 21st
Scottish Books Trust

Neu Reekie

Neu! Reekie! is the very visceral meeting of avant-garde poetry and short-film.

Open source filmmaking in association with Digital Deperadoes, CCA

Wednesday 1st December 7 - 10.30pm,
CCA cinema space *free but ticketed


First up is a public discussion on copyright and intellectual ownership sparked off by our panel: Nina Moeller, Simon Yuill & Sacha Kahir who will bring their experiences of intellectual copyright, open source film-making and the plant patenting-resistance movement in Ecuador.


SITA SINGS THE BLUES (cert PG) film starts 9pm

SSTB is an animated film which retells the story, from the Indian epic 'The Ramayana', of Sita a Goddess separated from her beloved Lord and husband Rama. It is also a contemporary story of the director who moves to India to be with her love only for him to dump her by email... This is an open source film which means that it is completely free to screen, distribute & sell.

Document 8

30th October 2010, 1:15pm-2:45pm

Document 8 - Internation Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

The Immediate Broth Present...

(Neil Gray, Sacha Kahir and Nick e Melville)

Three films interrogating the juncture between the subject, and an urban environment ever more subordinate to the marketplace.


An interrogative essay on the 'constructed public' face of urban erasure.

The Process

A ghost story where dead industry and the new industries of 'rehabilitation' and 'the black economy' loom large.

Vaguing in Oppidanus

A low rent version of the works of Patrick Keiller or Chris Petit: a 'drift' around the atomised spaces of Edinburgh.

For further details go the the document 8 or CCA websites.